Promotion of Standardisation and Grading of
Agricultural and Allied Produce






Commodity Coverage : 164 Number.

Quality Grading and Certification for :

  • Export
  • DomesticTrade

Farm Level Grading :

  • Grading at Producer's Level.

Quality Certification Mark : AGMARK
Acts as   : Third Party Guarantee to Quality Certified.
Legal Backup : Agricultural Produce(Grading and Marking ) Act, 1937 as ammended in 1986.


Agricultural  Produce Grading and Marking Act, 1937
Schedule Appended to AP (G&M) Act  1937
General Grading and Marking Rules, 1988
Commodity Grading and Marking Rules
List of commodities whose Agmark Grade Standards have been covered under  AP(G&M) Act  1937
Manual on Standards of Paddy
Manual on Standards of Wheat
            Cereals, 1966
            Cereals, 2001

            Essential Oils


            Vegetable Oils

            Fruits & Vegetables
            Roasted Bengal Gram
            Vermicelli, Macroni & Spaghetti


Application for grant of C.A for Grading & Marking of different commodiites for Internal and Export grading  (Proforma-I)
a.        Particulars to be furnished with the application for C.A (Proforma-II)
 b.        Affidavit to be furnished  alongwith application  (Proforma-III)
 c.        Consent letter of the Approved Grading Laboratory (Proforma-IV)
 d.        Application for renewal of C.A (Proforma –V)
List of  documents to be furnished alongwith the application for grant of C.A for Internal and Export grading
Processing  Fee for grant/renewal of C.A and other permissions related to grading
Training Charges of Chemist
Application for permission to Printing Press to print Agmark Replica (Proforma-I)
a.   Particulars to be furnished with application for permission of the Printing Press (Proforma-II)
 b. Affidavit to be furnished alongwith application (Proforma-III).
c.       Application for renewal of permission to Printing Press for Printing   of Agmark Replica      (Proforma-IV)
Agmark Grading Charges for Domestic and Export Grading 
Certification of Fruits & Vegetables for Export
Instructions for certfication of fruits and vegetables
Cotton Classing Scheme for Grading
Testing, Research and Standardisation Facilities
Analysis of Samples of Agricultural Commodities in Regional Agmark Laboratories on Payment Basis
Addresses of Regional Agmark Laboratories
Common Adultrants/ Contaminants in Food and Simple Screening Tests for their detection.
  Guidelines for establishing Grading Laboratories for Foodgrains, Cereals, Oilseeds and Spices


Codex Standards    PFA Standards